Friday, September 14, 2012

What difference does it make?

I am getting a little weary of the plethora of networking opportunities in this town. I realize that it beats the heck out of stewing over things in isolation. Still, I’m banging away at blogs (three of my own and as a guest contributor for three others); I’m a member of a professional networking group that meets twice a month, I belong to another that has giant gatherings (of 100 or more people) monthly; I meet routinely with at least three companies that are partner-prospects; I am a board member for an industry association (local chapter); I am a volunteer and a member of two civic organizations. In spite of it all, I don’t see progress. But wait a minute:

A reader of one of my blogs asked for some help with a blog of her own.

An occupational therapist I met at a networking meeting happened to be a great fit with another friend that works with families with special needs.

The giant networking event lead me to a recruiter who was able to help a young man land his first job. He did it, but he needed that introduction to be considered. I was happy to facilitate it.

I have participated in too many projects as part of new business pitches but it only takes one to make that all worthwhile. Such was the case for a manufacturer who asked me to help them with a new product launch.

A student I met at an industry association function was thrilled to participate in one of my committees as a guest. (Who knows, it could be just the break/exposure he needed to eventually get his first job in advertising?)

One of the civic organizations asked me to speak and that resulted in an opportunity to share my topic with MBA students at a local college. (No idea where that might lead.)

And every once in a while my worlds collide and I can match a problem with a solution. I know a guy, a company, a place, a thing, a formula or an approach that will be just the thing that helped solve a puzzle.

Okay, now that I think of it…it is a kind of progress.     

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