Friday, September 16, 2011

Thanks Mom.

Moms are great. The best of them do everything and more for their kids; and, while each and every little thing doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated, the job of being a mom is tireless and pretty much taken for granted. Every generation needs a mom playing a critical role in nurturing families and helping kids build the self-confidence they need to face the world.

They give so much it hardly seems fair to limit the recognition to one greeting card holiday per year. Truth be told, most of us lack the ability to express fully the debt we owe to our moms. You know moms accept and embrace challenges and will beam with pride as kids forge ahead. With all that effort and sacrifice, mom knows her little birds will fly away. And when they do, she also must know it is that very independence of which she must be proud.

You see moms in grocery stores, at little league baseball games, at parent-teacher conferences, in churches and in traffic. She is a multi-tasker and a orchestra leader. She is so important to the fabric of our society. It needs to be said but
"Thanks Mom" seems inadequate at best.

The Road to Success

The journey we have been on can hardly be likened to a path. It has been more like a long and winding road with patches of thick branches and obstacles along the way. It has been a course that has taken us to places near and far; some quite wonderful; some a bit frightening. It is scary not knowing for certain of the destination. Forks in the road and unexpected potholes have added challenges but as we look back we wouldn’t trade any of the adversity if it meant we’d miss the triumphs along the way. The scenery and blue skies, magnificent clouds, people and places. The greatest thrill of all is still the inexplicable joy of sharing the trip with people we love and people who love us. When the ride is smooth, it is too easy to take that calm for granted. When you are is caught in a ditch or stalled in traffic it can seem an endless trek. But when the ride is over you just might conclude it wasn’t about the destination at all. Instead, upon reflection, you begin to see it is the sum total of hundreds of joyful things (and maybe a few setbacks). Time passes. May you arrive at the conclusion of your travel with a sense of accomplishment, feelings of goodwill, overall peace of mind and eager anticipation of your next adventure.
There is always more road ahead.