Friday, December 8, 2006

Thermadyne, a global cutting and welding leader, joins the American Welding Society in encouraging individuals to practice the art, craftsmanship and profession of welding, metalworking and fabrication.

Victor, Thermal Dynamics, Thermal Arc, C&G Systems, Arcair, Tweco and Stoody are among the Thermadyne family of brands that you can count on for safety, reliability and quality.

The new print advertising campaign features real life skilled metalworkers, welders and fabricators.

Profile Print Advertising Campaign
update and overview
June 2009

We leveraged our association with individual lives of end users by profiling them as artisans, craftsmen and professionals. The campaign will draw attention to real names, occupations, unique stories of end users while reinforcing the benefits of our broad spectrum of brands.

Andrew Chambers – (Upstate NY) decorative artist
Bill Moore – (O’Fallon, MO) Iron Worker for Weaver Steel (Woman Owned Fabricator Business)
Buddy Dickerson – (St. Louis) Welder and NHRA Racer
Jeffrey Stewart –(Dryden, MI) Instructor/Consultant and former Skills USA winner
Justin “Red” Weirich – (O’Fallon) Willerding Metal Fabrication
Ken Pennington – (St. Louis) HVAC Technician – Victor
Robert Rush - (Washington, PA) Millcraft SMS Services steel mill - Stoody hardfacing
Scott Rhea - (St. Louis) Custom Cages for race cars
Timothy Mullally – AWISCO recommendation – Skanska Inc. – Ironworker. Uses Arcair slice for Manhattan Bridge rennovation.
Tom Heeger – President of Acme Erectors – Tweco
Burt Tremmel Jr. – (Biloxi, MS) Tremmel Construction Specialties – 100+ year old business wiped out by Katrina.
Brother Mel Meyer – (St. Louis) Marinist Monk and accomplished sculpture. CeeKay Supply loyal customer was happy to produce/provide a sculpture for 60th Anniversary
Samuel Colton – (Yuma, AZ) Arizona Western College Institute of Welding Technology. Takes groups to developing countries in a program called “Welders Without Borders”
Kevin Flory – (Pleasant Hill, OR) Used Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster Plasma System to cut 44 miles of expanded steel for a grower of sugar beet (for seedbeds). Les Nelson brought him to our attention.
John Fletcher - (St. John, MO) – uses Victor torches in demolition business. John became our safety poster and key visual for one of our quarterly promotions  
Jim Shepard – (Hillsboro,MO) – entrepreneur and founder of Shepard Machine Co. Big fan of Thermal Dynamics CutMaster True Series.
Lt. James C. Stanfield - (Palm Beach, FL) rescued a small child who had gotten his arm caught in a vending machine with a Thermal Dynamics plasma cutter.
Teresa Maxey – (Sioux City,IA) started a welding business with her husband, Maximum Welding. Has also taught welding and is something of an artist as well.
Pete Anderson – (Louisville, KY) – our very own “knucklehead” agreed to be spokesman for Tweco Flexible Conductor Tubes.
John Mosby - (Galveston, TX) Thanks to THMD DM Justin Kirby we found John as a fan of Thermal Dynamics CUTMASTER True Series Plasma Cutting. John was later featured in a cover story in Practical Welding Today.
Sow Ibrahima – (St. Louis) Cash’s Scrap Metals. A truly international guy who started in Senegal, Africa, worked in Italy and France (even worked on the Eiffel Tower). His current employer has been featured on cable show “Dirty Jobs” twice.
Darrian Teft - (St. Louis) - Custom Motorcycles
Darrell Jones – (Owensboro, KY) Titan Contracting and Leasing uses STOODY
Stuart Dufrene – (Arkansas) – Thermal Arc fan and instructor. Images of Stuart made the cover of Practical Welding Today in a story about MIG gun wire feedability written by THMD Product Line Manager.
William G. Jones – (Perryville, MO) Fire Chief – participated in demo/training of Arcair Slice for rescue operations. Some of these images were used in a direct mail effort to firefighters.
James Wolfe - (Waco, TX) LaTourneau University welding program and head engineer of Baja Buggy race team. Uses Thermal Arc welder.
Tim Kinnamen – (RI) – Ocean State Technical Welding Instructor and Shop Foreman
Kyle Ziegler - (Berlin, MA) – K&K Welding Thermal Arc welder
Eddie Grosman – (Houston,TX)- Eddies Welding – top seller of Bulldog Torches. We are producing a video with him demonstrate
Harry Cazett -  (Diamond Bar, CA) -Harry’s Welding Service –  owned his Journeyman torch since 1971. (unsolicited letter to THMD) great Victor Testimonial
Robert Stow – Bellingham Metal Works (MA)