Saturday, March 18, 2017

Ode to the Quintessential

The rationale on airplane parts articulated so very well;
From Kendall the Coconut Grove ATM had such appeal;
Commercial Bank Teller is counting cash from a drug cartel;
Lobby rat and a cosmic wheel.

Busted by a lady cop at the Cricket Club;
At the Playhouse or nearby Bananas;
Ludwig’s, Duffy’s, Fox’s, Coral Gables pub.
Dadeland,quad suits, Hurricane swag, Bandannas.

Chopper gave you a shirt at Sloppy Joe’s;
It is quintessentially Drimer you see.  
A random act of kindness nobody knows;
He left his card on the wall at Captain Tony’s – maybe.

Nimmer on a billboard in South Miami;
Eschewing the person of whom you are mistaken;
Meathead! That guy from All in the Family!
The assistant bookkeeper job is already taken.

You imagine colored girls singing at CBGBs;
Get Wet, Lou Reed, Billy Joel, Billy Swan;
Cat in the Hat you read with such ease;
Jeffrey’s favorite show? Whatever is on!

Miami Vice case confidential. 
Hopeful and humble in the interview;
Looking for a place to be most influential;
Unaware that, if hired, it’s Catch 22.

Alone amongst them staring at your feet;
Good Evening - Cook and Moore Frog & Peach;
Breakfast bagels, coffee and a place to meet;
Graduation seems out of reach.

Places everyone for the Teapot number…
Skyscraper National Park, Toy Fair, and a lama midtown…
Gustav Klimt, Max Beckman, Cristo, Warhol, Alexander Calder…
Salvador Dali Paintings at the Cleveland Plastic Injection Molding Plant!

Vladimir Nabokov, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Goran’s class…
Read, write, cut, paste, found objects in a frame…
MoMA, Whitney, Frick, SoHo gallery window glass…
Viscaya, Biltmore, Seaquarium, Orange Bowl fame.

Matchbox Cars and Cabbage Patch Kids – the value of play;
Market Strategies, Morgan Studio/East, Business School;
A Stork Club ashtray around the corner from Avenue A;
Cold ones and cigars by the pool.

Itinerary says tomorrow morning on the road to nowhere.
“Two brothers from Kuwait – one TOEFL, one I-20…good, yes?”
Ashe Admissions Office, Prep School, Long Island College Fair…
No problem 2,000 dollars couldn’t solve… ahh American Express!

Driver’s license, proof of insurance, money for gas;
Head, shoulders, knees and toes – knees and toes;
Good times are never meant to last;
Smooth sailing and steady as she goes.