Sunday, June 18, 2017

FedEx St. Jude Classic

Kerry Deacon, my friend and golf partner in the HBE Alumni league at Creve Coeur Golf Course, convinced me to join him as a volunteer working “security” at The St. Jude Classic. It has been played at TPC Southwind, near Memphis, since 1989. Daniel Berger gained his first PGA Tour win last year (June 2016) here and managed to repeat this year (2017).

I worked the BMW Championship (part of the FedEx Cup playoffs in which Camilo Villegas emerged victorious). I was on the communications committee at that event held at Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis in 2008. I also worked the Senior PGA Tour Championship as volunteer assigned to leaderboards and as a hole marshall in 2013. So, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday June 8-11, 2017 I enjoyed excellent access to TPC Southwind in exchange for wearing a walkie talkie and looking “official” in cap, shorts, and FedEx St. Jude Classic t-shirt.

Jean Farrar, my daughter-in-law’s mother, lives in Germantown, TN and was good enough to allow us a place to board two nights. We managed to fit in a bit of tourism by visiting the giant Pyramid downtown where there is almost a theme park atmosphere complete with Bass Pro Shop, hotel, restaurants, plenty of taxidermy to admire, live fish to watch and a lovely view of the area from another restaurant near the top. We managed to sample some famous BBQ at Corky’s and the Commisary too.

Once back in St. Louis, I was able to boast a bit about watching the likes of Ernie Els, Phil Mickelson, Jim Furyk play the game.  I recalled the feeling of following the 26 year old Dominic Bozzelli, an Auburn University graduate from upstate New York, who finished this tournament tied for tenth.

I’ve been to The Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village Golf Club (Jack Nicklaus’ course) in Ohio, the Doral in Miami and visited TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra, Florida. Of course, I watch a lot of golf on TV including much of this year’s U.S. Open from Erin Hills in Wisconsin.

Note: Brooks Koepka tied for 37th place at FedEx St. Jude Classic and today (one week later on June 18, 2017) won the U.S. Open at Erin Hills! Needless to say, I have a newfound appreciation of just how good these guys really are on the PGA Tour

Photos (top) Dominic Bozelli with his caddie and garden caddie (bottom) Phil Michelson and his caddie. FedEx VIP area, one day passes - Enjoy, Y'all  (bottom smaller photo) Kerry Deacon with Ken Adams (our security committee captain)  

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Rash Departs

 It’s So Hard to Say ‘Goodbye’ to Neuwoehner

Noooooow here's a little story I've got to tell
About the Neuwoehner staff I’ve known so well
It started way back, 2015,
With me, Mr. Mike, and M.C. (Tiff’ny.)
I had a PBIS project to steer
Just me and my camera and some boo-yahs to cheer
Rhymin’ grooves hot, kicking wit my squad
Schwartz’s posse asks for autographs as they applaud
One lonely Mikey I be
After dancin’ can’t be seen with nobody
Coach Green is stealing scenes like a cute kitty cat
Coach Red goin BeeGee’d wardrobe mishap
Lookin' for a partner, I lucked into this bird,
Her name is M.C. Tiff, I said, "Howdy," she said, "Word."

Tiiiiiiff shouted “C’mon sugar,” it sounded great on cue
Only one day with a script, and she’s ready to shoot
Laird and Lindsey on the clock, Wes Morgan’s on the watch
Tin’ and Lib assist, where none persist, more grandiose than not
I said, “Teach me to dance,”
She looked at me askance
Had a chance to impress
Gave MC Tiff my best
Quick on the beat, I thought I’d be dead
Tiff cut the rug, gave me a shrug, and this is what she said:

“Now, my name is MC Tiff, I’ve got a license to groove,
I think you know what time it is, it’s time to bust a move, 
Now what do we have here, a director with a fear
Of hip hop steps, may I suggest, you break it down right’chere!”

We stepped into the spotlight, with a storybook begin
You think this story’s over but here comes a different spin.

“Now, what about a second act to introduce,
You’ve got a chance to exit Neu with this shoot
It’s not a tough decision as you can see
This song’s your last Mr. Mike motivational speech!”
I said, “I’ll dance with you-“
Tiff said, “Wait, let me cut you off there,”
Is this the time for odd plot twists and storytelling fodder?
Don’t do it like this, don’t do it like that,
We need a better plan of attack, soooo…”
“I may be leaving Neu, but, here’s a good plan,
I’ll talk about my Tiger crew and our positive brand
Mr. Miiiike, that is my name,
And, here’s a little dope singing to say, ‘so long, gang.’”

“It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday…”    

MissaLinda H, she starts our story number two
Dancing in the forties with the rest of AU
20s hall is bumpin,’ Ganley loves attention
Parkin, Brown, and Schraute, and, their Paras bring the funk
Tiff said, “Yippee, yo, the Western Pods,
Don’t forget about them, ‘cause they do a lot!”
Just then, another voice jumped in, “Hey honey!
It’s Melissa Neels and I’m about to get funky!”
Pulled out her ax, played a tune so fly
Tiff yelled, “Get it, girl!” As I clapped and cried
Suddenly the staff hit the gym to rave
McMurt and Letz banged, Stu played air bass 
“I’m Mr. Mike and you have my respect,
Now, suga show ‘em how, won’t they seem impressed?”
MC Tiff was with it, ‘cause she’s an ace
Limbaugh and even Dalgaard made the “wow” face
Jen Leaders knew the moves, Nurses Zack and Megan too,
The speech department did a chorus line so smooth
OT/PT whistled loud, Moser said, “Way to go,”
I gave Tiff a thumbs up, Lib, some “Boo-Yah” soul!

This song (poem) was created by the incomparable Mike Rash as a salute to his tour at Neuwoehner. The bulletin board and lion are also his doing. He will be teaching drama and inspiring students elsewhere. Wishing you all the best Mr. Rash.

Sunday, April 30, 2017


The athlete stands proudly in the gym;
“Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the Attempt”
It matters little if it is basketball, archery, bowling or a swim;
With encouragement, no-one has to be exempt

Big yellow buses come and go;
Peaceful, kind, cooperative, safe, at-large;
Whether it is sunshine, clouds, rain or snow;
Witness the tall quiet leadership of a man-in-charge.

Bocce or fishing could be on the schedule.
These changes don’t phase him a bit.
Watch him work and observe if you will;
The exemplary role model is ready and fit.

What does it mean to be Coach Green?
I just isn’t as easy as it would seem.
Dollars to doughnuts, it will nearly always be true;
The best thing is to stop and ask, “What would Coach Green do?”

You are above reproach;
Character counts here at the Neu;
One thing is for certain Coach;
Next year and beyond, we will most certainly miss you. 

(c) 2017 Wes Morgan 
Wishing Coach Patrick Green all the best 
in retirement as the school year comes to a close.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Judge Not

 Judge not, that ye be not judged.
For with what judgment ye judge,
ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete,
it shall be measured to you again.
And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye,
but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

--- Matthew 7:1-3 King James Version

Of Sons and daughters the saying goes;
Your daughter/my sister everyone knows;
A daughter is a daughter the rest of your life.
Her parents take to heart but let it flow.  

There are ups and downs;
There are errors and omissions;
There are slips and slides;
And acts of contrition.

Rebel without a cause;
Skipping school - to protest the war;
St. Patrick’s Day, opening baseball season;
You are absent - Pick a reason.

Don’t know much about cosmetology;
Don’t know much about biology;
But you do know that I love you;
What a wonderful world this can be.

You were in a hurry to get out of the house;
In no-time at all you found a spouse.
Rocky top hiatus and you are a mom.
Four high schools later - get the degree, skip the prom.

You landed on Mars – the place was pink;
The carpet should be green you think.
So let it be …charge!
Nothing stoppin’ you from living large.

Growing family needs to move;
Tires, baseball and floors to wax, two boys to feed;
It takes a village - you are in a groove;
Yet something is amiss -  you have a need.

You just want a change of venue;
You landed husband number 2.
Welder warrior and you are in the dung.
Some songs cannot be unsung.

But you got away from that;
Presto change-o in no time flat;
Daddy’s girl was gold coast bound;
Soon enough a soul mate is found.

You work nights leaving him free;
To explore the neighbor in apartment #203.
Oh well, it was fun while it lasted;
We know you will again rise from the ashes.

You emerge stronger, better, fine;
On your own and calling the shots.
You and your show dog marking time; 
Living and learning - lots and lots.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Ode to the Quintessential

The rationale on airplane parts articulated so very well;
From Kendall the Coconut Grove ATM had such appeal;
Commercial Bank Teller is counting cash from a drug cartel;
Lobby rat and a cosmic wheel.

Busted by a lady cop at the Cricket Club;
At the Playhouse or nearby Bananas;
Ludwig’s, Duffy’s, Fox’s, Coral Gables pub.
Dadeland,quad suits, Hurricane swag, Bandannas.

Chopper gave you a shirt at Sloppy Joe’s;
It is quintessentially Drimer you see.  
A random act of kindness nobody knows;
He left his card on the wall at Captain Tony’s – maybe.

Nimmer on a billboard in South Miami;
Eschewing the person of whom you are mistaken;
Meathead! That guy from All in the Family!
The assistant bookkeeper job is already taken.

You imagine colored girls singing at CBGBs;
Get Wet, Lou Reed, Billy Joel, Billy Swan;
Cat in the Hat you read with such ease;
Jeffrey’s favorite show? Whatever is on!

Miami Vice case confidential. 
Hopeful and humble in the interview;
Looking for a place to be most influential;
Unaware that, if hired, it’s Catch 22.

Alone amongst them staring at your feet;
Good Evening - Cook and Moore Frog & Peach;
Breakfast bagels, coffee and a place to meet;
Graduation seems out of reach.

Places everyone for the Teapot number…
Skyscraper National Park, Toy Fair, and a lama midtown…
Gustav Klimt, Max Beckman, Cristo, Warhol, Alexander Calder…
Salvador Dali Paintings at the Cleveland Plastic Injection Molding Plant!

Vladimir Nabokov, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Goran’s class…
Read, write, cut, paste, found objects in a frame…
MoMA, Whitney, Frick, SoHo gallery window glass…
Viscaya, Biltmore, Seaquarium, Orange Bowl fame.

Matchbox Cars and Cabbage Patch Kids – the value of play;
Market Strategies, Morgan Studio/East, Business School;
A Stork Club ashtray around the corner from Avenue A;
Cold ones and cigars by the pool.

Itinerary says tomorrow morning on the road to nowhere.
“Two brothers from Kuwait – one TOEFL, one I-20…good, yes?”
Ashe Admissions Office, Prep School, Long Island College Fair…
No problem 2,000 dollars couldn’t solve… ahh American Express!

Driver’s license, proof of insurance, money for gas;
Head, shoulders, knees and toes – knees and toes;
Good times are never meant to last;
Smooth sailing and steady as she goes.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Parker at the Pageant

Saint Louis, MO: At the Pageant on November 23, 2016 are Parker Millsap and his band mates on stage supporting J J Grey and Mofro

Parker Millsap is back in Saint Louis and he is playing the Pageant in the loop of University City. I've seen Parker and his band mates three times now (The Rock House, Off Broadway and The Pageant), Michael is playing a base guitar. Daniel is playing his fiddle. Now Parker's band has a drummer too. It was a pleasure to chat with Parker a bit back stage. He will be traveling to Indianapolis next where he will connect with Megan for Thanksgiving. We talked a bit about his new found friendship with fellow musician Sir Elton John. We talked about the weather. We talked about the bra-wall backstage. Parker keeps up the pace and the expenses down, He has an easy conversational style and is used to amateur smart phone photographers like me. It was great to see Parker again.  

Parker grew up in the tiny town of Purcell, OK where he regularly attended a Pentacostal church with his family for most of his youth. He doesn’t consider himself very religious but the experiences with religion have have had an impact on his songwriting and his sound. He blends fire and brimstone with rock, country and blues. He is a story teller.  

I stayed to hear JJ Grey and Mofro as well. Grey and his current Mofro lineup offer grace and groove in equal measure, with an easygoing quality to the production that makes those beautiful muscular drum-breaks sound as though the band has set up in your living room.

Robert Christopher and Lindsey begot another Robert

Photo by Ben Morgan taken on November 20, 2016 

In Palma Ceia, what we got is as good as it begets;
No ifs, ands, buts … no regrets.
Robert Lawton Dewey does what babies do;
He cries, fusses, eats, sleeps…but laughs and smiles too.

Register R. Lawton so his name with teachers and peers is set;
Hail sweet little Lawton,  a fellow well met;
See him on social media or in a text
But to see him in person is really the best

Our baby girl and her little boy made be a Grandpa in July
She makes me very happy --- I’m not gonna lie
The campaign is just beginning
Lawton keeps winning