Saturday, March 26, 2016

Lynn Stevens Morgan


The bedazzled Hurricane orders bagels to go;
Wearing a cap, trinkets, gold chains and tennis whites.
You wonder - so curious you never know;
Sunshine and warm moonlit Miami nights.

Flair in a fashion - unique in a flash;
Swagger dreams barroom fights;
Courts squeak --- you hear grunting and a forehand smash;
Contraband, Cape Codders, Disco Lights.

Pull away in a Grey Cougar Automobile;
Moving apart but a love ignites.
Tiger Tiger Chinese fortune foretells what will be real;
You will conquer obstacles and achieve great heights.

A palpable sweetness you can feel
Happiness is yours and by all rights
Frequent flyer to parts unknown
The Atlantic shore is always home
Your own best friend - but never alone

Happy Birthday Lynn 3-30-2016