Friday, September 28, 2012

Advisory Council Questions

In an effort to listen to its best customers within its important distibutor network, Thermadyne would try to probe a variety of topics at regular advisory council meetings. It's a good practice but you have to listen carefully and take action.

Sales & Marketing Newsletter
We’ve made an effort to make our newsletter more timely (i.e. at least three times a year) and make it more balanced – featuring product, people, promotions. Your thoughts?

Does this make it more reader friendly?
Would you prefer to receive this newsletter electronically?
Or do you think it is more effective as a printed piece?
Thermadyne is a considering a print advertising campaign that recognizes individuals who practice the art/craft/profession of welding and metal working. The idea is to recognize end users in a series of ads throughout the year. Your thoughts?  
Our print media schedle includes a relatively short list of publications. That being said, what industry publications do you read?
If you only had time to read one two industry publications – which would they be?

Promotional activity
If we had a place on our website or elsewhere on the web that featured template seasonal promotions that could be customized with your logo and additional copy, would you use it?

In store merchandising
What kinds of thins do you like/dislike about point of-sale materials?
Countermats, Floor Graphics, Banners, Posters, literature. Give examples or what is working well and maybe not so well. (i.e. If you were to offer guidance to all manufacturers, what would you ask them to do more? Less?)

What kinds of promotions have been successful for your business (i.e. generated good will as well as sales and profits)? Have you had success with drawings/prizes/open houses/tours/demos? Any other creative events or programs?

Focus Group Topics with End-Users
If you had a room full of end-users what kinds of questions would you like to ask of them? (Where do they purchase their welding equipment?
What brands do they like? If they could have one dramatic product breakthrough – what would it be?)

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