Friday, September 28, 2012

Employee Survey Highlights

Over 1,900 employees completed the Employee Opinion Survey last quarter. The Employee Opinion Survey responses for over 50 questions are summarized into an Employee Climate Score. The score is useful to the management team in understanding employee’s satisfaction with their jobs and the company.

The Employee Climate Health Score from the 2008 survey indicates:

·         61% of participants indicated the company meets their expectations

·         15% of participants indicated the company did not meet their expectations

·         24% of participants had “neutral” responses

Meeting Expectations is indicated by “strongly agree” and “agree” responses and reflects a positive working environment. Below Expectations is indicated by “strongly disagree” or “disagree” responses and the area for emphasis on improvements. Neutral responses reflect either “don’t know” or “not sure” responses and an opportunity to shift employee perceptions.

The Executive Leadership The Executive Leadership Team (ELT), the Senior Management Team (SMT) and Human Resources have been working together to discuss the survey results with employees at all locations to prioritize actions to make Thermadyne a better place to work for the future! (Some of the actions planned as a result of employee input include: improved global communications, more emphasis on career development, training and recognition programs.)

Note: this article appeared in the Thermadyne company employee newsletter in 2008 and I remember thinking that this survey and report of results, while a good step, was more about creating an impression that the company cared than a reality. With over 3,000 employees worldwide, I don't think most people expected any real change. Nevertheless the company did try to implement a cultural shift of sorts.  

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