Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A new LAW in town!

A new LAW in town (b. 7-5-2016)

Oh sure, I knew since Christmas that I was gonna be a grandpa. I thought I was ready for it. As the due date got closer and the fireworks of Independence Day celebrations filled the skies in St. Louis, I figured it to be the natural course of things – the circle of life. My baby girl can make me cry at the drop of a hat. (She knows that.) So I should have known that I would be unable to contain my joy at the birth of my new grandson.

Robert Lawton Dewey is a beauty. He is perfect. He was born on the fifth of July (2016) in Tampa, Florida. He carries with him the name Robert – a name that has been part of his dad’s family for generations. I am certain he will grow to know how lucky he is. His dad Robert Christopher (Chris) Dewey and his mom – my own baby girl Lindsey Morgan Dewey have made me so very happy. I know grandma is pretty happy too. We are overflowing with joy. So there is a new LAW in town. He will be going by his middle name. Lawton is his maternal great grandmother’s maiden name. This too brings me great joy. It honors the importance of my mom (baby Dewey’s great grandmother), and moms everywhere.

Remember this little man: The world, it seems may revolve around you, and that is appropriate. But for now, the law of the land for you will be Lindsey law. Listen and learn. Your mom will care for you every step of the way. She will go to bat for you like no-body’s business. Look out teachers, coaches, potential bullys! She knows how to be a mom because she learned from the best. Look out world!

G-d Bless Lawton, Law, RLD, Baby Dewey. Welcome. We love you.     

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