Sunday, June 19, 2016

Greg is Great

Not because he is a captain of industry;
Or because he lives in a time of infamy;
Maybe you should consider another measure;
It is in the subtle things you have to treasure.

He is first to question conventional wisdom;
His home is a castle and family a kingdom.
He is unsure of the path he’ll take;
He is careful to avoid a mistake.

Seeing value in human capital;
He sees good in one and all.  
He  finds a way to put things in check;
More than once walked away from a wreck.

Alive and grateful he says a prayer;
Some of us remember --- because we were there.
Commercial success is only part of the plan;
Today he is profound and a more emotional man.

He makes others see the possibilities in life.
In his way,  he steers people away from strife.
It is a spiritual nature --- and it shows.
Heaven, hell, hereafter --- who knows?   

Sit down for coffee with my brother, the cosmic wheel;
Will turn  you around and you will quickly feel.
The world is a wonderful place;
And there is enough love in it for the whole human race.

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