Saturday, February 18, 2012

Good Brands Better

Think of the brands you admire the most. They have personalities and style. They are reliable and trustworthy. They are honest and maybe have a little attitude, but they are fun. The strongest brands pay fanatical attention to detail. Type, color, layout and graphics are managed so that the message is delivered effectively without distraction. As you consider brands you admire most you will see that those brands use design to reinforce a continuity of style and quality. Likewise, the brands you admire most will have a language and cadence to all communication that reflects the culture and essence of the brand. Maybe it is a reflection of their founders or leaders or maybe it is part of how the company or organization that gave birth to the brand came to be.

Design and copy elements are a part of the brand. They should be governed by standards. Graphic Standards for interactive media, print and collateral and boilerplate copy are among the best practice to assure continuity. You want to make sure your brand can continue to thrive and prosper as a leader. Protecting and enhancing the brand improves prospects for the pursuit of market opportunities (from existing and new prospects).

Being faithful to your brand is critical. Every brand is different and unique. Like people, it is the differences that really make things interesting. It takes all kinds of people to make the world go around. You wouldn’t want your doctor to be a comedian in the OR. You wouldn’t want your barber to suddenly become an abstract expressionist artist while cutting your hair and you wouldn’t want your favorite situation comedy to suddenly decide to become a medical documentary. So you want your favorite brands to to behave in appropriate ways too.    

Morgan Studio/East was founded in 2010 with the idea of helping companies “Make Good Brands Better and New Brands Known.” The premise is based on proven success with brands that live up to their brand promise in a way that makes raving fans. Sometimes it takes an outside agent to help you align the brand you are with the marketplace. I want your business, but I will understand if you seek another qualified expert to guide you. I won’t understand if your brand is suffering and you don’t get any help.     

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