Saturday, January 24, 2015

On fairness in the world

If the world is a fair place then…

In this world, if life is fair;
It would be clear everywhere.
The standard bearer would be understood;
All would be governed for the greater good.
Black and white; vanilla and bland;
Prosperity reigns throughout the land.

A chicken in every pot
An automobile on every lot
We’d always have enough
Because we would all have the same stuff
Faith, hope and love. In God we trust
The supreme being does what He must


Inequity is inherent in the design
Around the globe. Once and for all mankind
Texture, color and contrast is part of the masterpiece
Good versus Evil. For richer, for poorer. In war and at peace.
Prevailing winds and a warm breeze
Blue skies, turbulent seas.

Champions win at others’ expense
Sacrifice toil and a price so immense
A composition of love and hate
A tapestry of an earth that is great
Can we level the playing field?
Can we make a better day unfold?

Insignificant and small.
True it isn’t fair. It is not fair at all.  
Relative to each other, we can only do our best;
With choices to be made as we invest; 
Together on this tiny planet with so little time.
And so much on the line.
We can make it better while it seems unfair
Find a way to show each other that we truly care.

© Wesley A. Morgan 2014

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Dan Morgan said...

Thanks Wes, nice piece!