Thursday, May 9, 2013

Poet, Write or Wrong

A consequence of an encounter in line.
A twist of fate, just as I thought.
All the bravado prior to penning is all just fine.
But alas, I fell short of the prize I sought.
It was not to be mine.

The rules and a prompt,
Made it a fun to pursue.
A little romp, a little pomp,
In the contest for you.
Right, wrong, stamp, stomp.

A report due tomorrow at three.
Not going to happen on time.
You won’t be getting it from me.
Not free and I cannot pay the fine,
The subscription or the fee.

I can however craft a few words,
Form another premise worth consideration.
Business for the birds,
A new configuration,
A reason to go backwards.

It’s about time.
And time will tell.
It’s all mine.
And I’m doing so well.
Spend, invest now and align.

Maybe it’s a gamble,
A roll of the dice.
A detour, a ramble,
Smell the roses, add some spice
Why not leave a little something nice?  

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