Sunday, April 7, 2013

What I do, When I'm Not Getting Paid

Time is money. Lately, I have been investing heavily. I’m not completely convinced that I am always spending my time wisely. Then again, I feel pretty strongly about the things I do invest in. Here’s a partial list of activities over the last 6 months.  

American Marketing Association – as a chapter leader I attend monthly board meetings. As VP of programming I orchestrated countless details around programs such as hosting Phil Smith from Prairie Dog Marketing. Phil’s company in Kansas City helps hospitals and healthcare organizations with strategic and smart advertising/marketing. He talks about taping into the unconscious mind (October); Jim Woodcock offered an open ended discussion on Fleishman Hillard’s sports business (November); a special networking event and screening of SKYFALL 007 at Wehrenberg’s Five Star Lounge; Stephen Reynolds of Ameristar (January 2013) and Elizabeth Frantz, Social Media Editor at Better Homes and Gardens (March 2013). The Remarkable Leadership Conference (February) included speakers from Mizzou, Mercy, Pixel Farm (of Minneapolis) and the best-selling author Kevin Eikenberry. In addition, I helped facilitate company tours of Manifest Digital, Drive, Stealth Creative and LockerDome. So with committee time, speaker interface, attending and participating in these events and planning for future events in April and May, and July (the annual golf outing) I invested 85 hours.
Blogging – Contributing regularly to UPworld on average 2-4 blogs per month. Blogs for Morgan Studio/East, Bunker Mentality and Good Brands Better, New Brands Known. I’ve invested 75 hours. (Maybe more.)
Morgan Studio/East – My mission is to help companies plan/design/execute sustainable marketing communications programs. It might be, in part, due to the diffusion of my focus, but I have yet to hit a stride with regular repeat customers. Greatest hits (modest success) since opening in 2010: Roha video/print advertising/planning around IFT trade show; ARCO healthcare direct marketing campaign; RehabCare corporate identification; Bright Futures case study/interviews; creative concepts pitch for Switzer’s, Tim Gaskill professional fisherman promotion/kit, a series of radio spots for Scott at E.G. Radio. My time investment in the last six months has been mostly in networking activity (but not always focused or productive). I invested maybe 50 hours.
ExecLink – In January I joined the board of this professional association for senior level business executives. Board meetings in January, February, March and April, Sales & Marketing sub group meetings, Marketing committee, Securing speakers Bill Ellis and Mark Moyer, writing web site copy/press releases/new member welcome copy. I invested: 40 hours.
Laumeier Sculpture Park – As a docent and member of the PR/Marketing committee, Docent Meetings, Tours, events such as LOVEmeier, fundraising at Kirkwood Theater, Lee Rosenbaum lecture at Contemporary Art Museum. I invested: 40 hours.
Professional Development/Networking - UMSL digital marketing conference, Biz Library webinar, Paraquad Radio recording, AMA video production, coffee/networking with Felicia Marks, Allen Fox, Mary Beck, CityPlace III (every other Wednesday), James Webb, Tom Pandolfo, Mark Brackin, Scott Dieckgraefe, Katy Kruse of Lumivid. Caroline Kennedy poetry book/event at library. I invested  40 hours.  
Job Anxiety – Healthcare, regular/predictable income, and a desire to be more fully engaged in ongoing efforts (instead of projects) has kept me in the explorer mode for a full time position. I am a senior guy however, and I am convinced that pursuing a part-time strategy that is overly weighted on internet job boards won’t get it done. That being said, with varying degrees of success I have pursued opportunities Parkway West School District, ABC Contracting, Essex Industries, Cartvertising (shopping cart advertising), Josh Levey, GroupCast, Icon Marketing, Top Consultants and Laumeier Sculpture Park. I invested 40 hours.   
Kirkwood Des Peres Chamber – Marketing Mondays, Luncheons etc. I’ve invested maybe 25 hours.
Leaderboard Volunteer for Senior PGA championship – The event is next month at Bellerive Country Club. Not a huge commitment but with reviewing details, uniform pick-up and training (so far) I’ve invested 6 hours.
Assuming full time work of 40 hours per week, I should have productive activity of 1,000 hours in a six month period. This conservative accounting covers more than 40% of that available focused time. The puzzle, I think, is to find meaningful ways leverage activity toward meaningful income. (Or change the mix of activity.) Something to ponder.

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