Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stay Connected

The digital age we now live in is making us all into chroniclers of our own lives. We are doing it with such regularity and so close up and personal we may be losing sight of any bigger picture. Without taking any time to reflect we post, blog, pin, tweet and generally document everything. I don’t know about you but for me the ability to record every trivial detail of my existence as it happens and in real time is starting to bug me a little. Do we all need this much transparency in our lives? I’m happy to hear how you are doing in broad strokes but I don’t need a full accounting of your meals, your comings, your goings, your concerts, your kids, your movies, your TV shows, your sports (as spectator or as participant) not to mention your world view on politics, religion, global warming and what you will do in the event you win the next Mega Million Dollar Lottery. It’s just too much. (Or too much of too little, I’m not sure).  

Blogging is getting out of hand too. I bet the late Andy Rooney of Sixty Minutes fame is laughing and doing a special broadcast in the afterlife somewhere that starts something like this: “Did you ever wonder how those folks on Earth got along without the internet?”  

I know I’m guilty of feeding the frenzy myself too. I am a frequent contributor for a civic organization and I write a website blog dedicated to real estate and construction. I write three blogs of my own (for the heck of it) at a rate of approximately twice a month. (It works out to more than 30,000 words a year for me). I wish I could say I was writing the next Great American Novel but I’m pretty sure my revelations, while amusing at times, are not all that earth shattering.

All that being said, I love checking in on my kids, friends and family. I’m pleasantly surprised to get an unexpected announcement of a wedding, a birthday or a graduation. You see, this blog has no conclusion or point of view. It just is…     

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