Saturday, January 21, 2012

Life isn't fair.

A college professor teaching Business Ethics began his lecture one night by writing on the board – LIFE ISN’T FAIR. He got our attention. “Poverty, illness, natural disasters are not fair, yet these things happen. It’s not fair. Class, always remember, that LIFE ISN’T FAIR.” That professor made a strong point. I will never forget that class. I will never forget that lecture in particular.

Life isn’t fair! Yet, you should try to enjoy life and all the good things in it. Take the bad with the good. Maybe it won’t seem fair all of the time. Do your best to have a positive outlook. Look for the beauty in things. Good luck and good fortune happen too. It’s a joy to watch a little league game regardless of who scores the most runs. It’s a marvel to see or get a hole in one! Be hopeful. Be optimistic. Maybe today will be your lucky day. I hope so.

- Optimist contributor Wes Morgan: originally posted May 4, 2011

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