Thursday, November 3, 2011

Geaux. Geaux. Geaux.

Bill is a LSU Tiger and the French influence in Louisiana is undeniable so they like to say “Geaux Tigers!” when they root for their teams. The football program will be facing a serious challenge when they meet the Alabama Tide on the grid iron this coming week. This game could have national championship implications.

I am a Hurricane and while I miss the swagger UM made legendary, I’m glad the U is somehow deflecting the white hot spotlight of media attention these days. The Canes are playing out a respectable if not a championship season this year. It makes me smile a little, since I remember when my alma mater was thinking about eliminating collegiate football altogether. It was back in the 1970’s. (Can you imagine the NFL today if those gadflies has won that debate back in the day? A former Hurricane can be seen on national television every week. Canes have Super Bowl rings. The swagger lives in great players like Baltimore Ravens Ray Lewis and a long list of others. I love being a part of that tradition and the one that evolves even today.)

I had the pleasure of watching the Miami Hurricanes against THE Ohio State University last year in Columbus. It was fantastic to be there with my son, who is also a proud Hurricane alumni. We were on the fifty yard line at the Shoe! (We lost that contest but it was so cool, and a little scary, being among the minority in Miami gear and in the middle of all those Buckeye fans.) Ohio State played Miami away this year. We won this time. I watched it from my couch at home on TV. The Canes now play their home games in the same venue in which the NFL Miami Dolphins play.

I’m just sayin’ the U is a place like no other. The school is moving up the ranks as one of the nation’s best academically too. It ranks near the top in research. The University of Miami once aspired to be the Harvard of the South. (But I can assure you no-one is wearing flip flops as they move across campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts in February and I’ll bet there are plenty of Ivy Leaguers who wish they were in South Florida instead of New England between classes and on weekends when the snow flies and temperatures drop.)

Here I am Rockin’ like a Hurricane! I’m sorry. I do understand school pride and I do wish Bill and his alma mater all the best. I just don’t really have a dog in that fight. I certainly understand though. Geaux Tigers. Enjoy the game Bill.

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